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We provide our clients with complete remodeling services that can overhaul an entire room. Evergreen Contracting Services has different designers for each aspect of a renovation such as tiles and cabinets. This gives each project a different style that can be customized to your liking.

Our renovations service catalog includes:

  • Kitchen makeovers
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Home Gym room conversions
  • Basement finishing
  • Green Energy upgrades

Each client can expect to receive high-quality work and a great finished product from our years of experience.

Kitchen Design and Remodel
Complete kitchen remodel with marble countertop and new flooring.


Floors are a consideration in most of our projects - home gyms, kitchens, baths, new constructions, etc. As a result, we know a great deal about flooring.

For example, wood has an unmatched aesthetic appeal, but beyond color and grain, there are issues of durability and humidity to consider, leading to decisions of solid wood options versus engineered flooring. Then there are options such as bamboo and vinyl that, until a few years ago, were not available with the current assortment of colors and durability.

A trade-off decision we often see is between COREtec (a high-end vinyl product) and engineered wood. COREtec has an advantage in durability, scratch resistance, and cost. It is also quieter than engineered wood.

The choice options in carpets are better understood but still dizzying. Carpet decisions trade-off durability, stain resistance, eco-friendliness, and of course, cost - not only of the carpet but of the underlay as well.

No matter the material, flooring cost goes beyond "cost per square foot" because, in addition to acquisition cost, there are installation costs and maintenance costs to consider.

Whether your flooring decision is part of a makeover, tear-out, or new build, your decision will have the advantage of our extensive expertise.

game room remodel and flooring
Game room flooring with tons of options to choose from.

Project Development & Management

We consult with clients to develop your remodel or new build ideas into clear designs and specifications. You might want to consider this service, for example, if you intend to seek multiple bids for your project.

Our project planning and management services include suggesting green design and energy-saving alternatives in your specifications. These suggestions are especially valuable because often a low initial price comes with high life-cycle costs, low quality, or reduced functionality.

blueprint sample
Sample of a home renovation blueprint mapping out specifications.

Real Estate Readiness

We have a following in the professional Realtor community in preparing properties for sale and rental turn-over. This niche is time-sensitive, requiring speed with close attention to cost.

For example, we have successfully remodeled houses for sale in less than a week. To facilitate real estate rentals and acquisitions, we have replaced wall to wall carpeting, painted the whole house, correct deficiencies within the walls, retiled and refreshed bathrooms, upgraded kitchens and thoroughly cleaned before staging began.

If you are an owner selling a home, a property owner with a rental turn-over, or a Realtor, and have the need for this special service, call us first!

Full dining room remodel
A dinning redesign from transitional to modern with a wine wall; buffet table, marble top, coffered ceilings.

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